Navigating the puzzling world of ASC reimbursement

It’s certainly not easy to make sure you receive maximum reimbursement for procedures performed at your ASC. Between coding hassles, inconsistent pre-authorization processes and routine denials, simply getting paid is sometimes the most difficult part of any procedure.

PINNACLE III can take care of your billing operations – working to achieve maximum reimbursement while simplifying your entire billing process.  Our experienced ASC billing personnel – together with our certified professional coders – will minimize your staffing costs, reduce your billing headaches, and improve your collection goals.  Our objective is to do everything we can so you can keep patient care at the forefront, where it belongs.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services include:

  • Complete transparency
  • 100% U.S. based services and team
  • Certified Professional Coders
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Dedicated to securing 100% of your contractual reimbursement

 The PINNACLE III Advantage:

  • Clients keep and own all their data
  • Improved A/R
  • Decreased A/R days
  • Established counter-measures against fraud
  • Qualified ASC billing and collections personnel
  • Average increase of 10% net revenue per case
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