Specialty Billing Solutions provides centralized revenue cycle management services to all of Pinnacle III’s managed and non-managed clients.

What we can help you achieve

Our clients typically see an increase of 10% in collections per case when we assume responsibility for their billing.

Our ASC Revenue Cycle Management Services

Specialty Billing Solutions, a subsidiary of Pinnacle III, provides a prosperous plan for reliable, efficient billing solutions. We do this by acting as an extension of your surgery center – partnering to provide high quality services and deliver value throughout your billing process.


We provide complete transparency to all aspects of the billing process


We ensure you maintain secure ownership of all your data


We track and address registration and authorization trends that delay payment


Claims are closely monitored to produce the shortest billing payment cycle possible


We proactively conduct post-payment reviews and contact payers when inaccuracies occur.


We assist in facility setup of online bill solutions to provide patients with a full spectrum of payment options


We tenaciously address payer denials and promptly resolve issues that create payment delays


Coding and collections are included in the services at no additional markup


We maintain rigorous compliance with all regulations

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Specialty Billing Solutions simplifies your entire billing operation with their expertise - helping you to reduce billing headaches and achieve collection goals.


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