How Does Your Facility Compare?

Why is it important to have a non-biased third party evaluate your ASC? For the same reason an editor reviews an author’s writing – to provide a fresh set of eyes that can quickly identify where value and efficiency can be enhanced. A good third party assessment team will interview staff and administration to comprehensively identify areas in need of improvement. Our team will perform a comprehensive operational and procedural overview of clinical and/or business office operations as well as conduct a thorough review of the facility’s reimbursement practices.

Our Facility Audit Services

The audit typically spans a one to two day on-site review, depending on how much information is forwarded to the team in advance of the audit and available for immediate review upon arrival.  A comprehensive report containing the team’s findings, projected cost savings, and suggested action items is forwarded to the respective facility.


Operations assessment


Leadership appraisal


Thorough financial analysis


Regulatory compliance assessment


Revenue cycle management review


Payor contracting analysis and rate bench-marking

Our team’s goal is to evaluate and streamline the current processes of your ASC so you can achieve prosperity.


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