Access the most meaningful metrics to make critical operational and financial decisions

Data access and utilization is quickly becoming a key to success in every industry, and Ambulatory Surgical Care is no different. In a world of dynamic changes in payer markets, staffing costs, revenue cycle management, and surgical supply expenses, having actionable data to derive key insights is critical to maintaining a profitable center.

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Our ASC Data Analytics Services

Pinnacle III offers a range of ASC-specific analytical services.  After experiencing the limitations of “canned reports” from separate clinical, billing, and financial tools, Pinnacle III invested in a team of analytical experts to build an ASC-focused analytics program from the ground up.  By truly learning the available data (where it comes from, who inputs it, how it is captured), our team has the ability to create unique, in-depth analysis that far exceeds the utility of standard canned reporting.  Data from clinical, billing, and financial systems are integrated, offering unprecedented view of operations and finances across platforms.  This data is easily shared internally and externally.

Our ASC-specific data analytics and reporting platform places a premium on data validity, and will conduct a Data Integrity Analysis at the start of all services. If deficiencies are found, our experts have the tools to assist front-end users to make corrections, and provide feedback on data accuracy over time. Many surgery centers battle with “garbage in, garbage out,” with their current data analytics, unaware how flawed their existing data is. Our proven processes will improve the validity of your data, so you can rest assured the critical decisions facing your surgery center will be made on valid data.


Detailed case-costing, including the exact total cost and profitability of every case performed within the center.


Monthly financial analysis and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting and trending


A full suite of Tableau Business Intelligence reporting, accessible at any time online


Clinical and operational analysis, such as OR turnover time, block time utilization, OR utilization by surgeon or procedure type, adverse events, and more.


Detailed revenue cycle management analysis and reporting.


Option to trend your data against an array of similar centers


Prospective payer contract analysis


Budgeting and financial forecasting tools

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Pinnacle III offers an array of analytics services, all of which can be customized to best meet your unique needs.


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