Are you ready for bundled payments?

Consumers and self-insured companies are becoming more aware of health care costs and are looking for lower cost, high-quality care.  Creating direct relationships with self-insured companies, cash pay and medical tourism patients is the next evolutionary step in price transparency.  Self-insured companies and insurers are incentivizing patients to seek care in these lower costs environments.  Insurers are also looking into bundled payment programs to reduce administrative costs, create alignment with physicians on quality outcomes and manage overall spending.

Our Bundled Payment Program Services include:

  • Proposal design
  • Bundled payment assessment and execution
  • Negotiation of bundled payment initiatives with insurers, self-insured companies and TPAs
  • Targeted marketing of proposals and development of marketing plan
  • Administration of bundled payment program including contracting, billing, collections and payment distribution to providers

The PINNACLE III Advantage:

  • Increase facility and provider volume
  • Attract self-insured employers
  • Capitalize on price transparency
  • Successfully administered programs
  • Significant bottom line contributions