How Does Your Facility Compare?

Why is it important to have a non-biased third party evaluate your ASC? For the same reason an editor reviews an author’s writing – to provide a fresh set of eyes that can quickly identify where value and efficiency can be enhanced. A good third party assessment team will interview staff and administration to comprehensively identify areas in need of improvement. Our team will perform a comprehensive operational and procedural overview of clinical and/or business office operations as well as conduct a thorough review of the facility’s reimbursement practices.

Our Facility Audit Services include:

  • Operations assessment
  • Leadership appraisal
  • Thorough financial analysis
  • Regulatory compliance assessment
  • Revenue cycle management review and analysis
  • Payor contracting analysis and rate benchmarking

 The PINNACLE III Advantage:

  • Direct bottom line improvement
  • Key indicators benchmarked against national standards
  • Potential increased revenue capture
  • Recommendations for facility improvement
  • Independent third party review of current operations
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