Quite simply, it is. From ever-changing reimbursement parameters to increasingly restrictive and complicated processes, health care reimbursement has become a frustrating and time-consuming system fraught with sweeping changes. It’s time to overcome those complexities. Count on the proven expertise of Pinnacle III to not only decipher, analyze, and fully comprehend terms third party payors cite in their contracts, but also create reimbursement scenarios that actually address your business needs.

We excel at maximizing your prosperity

Our team of experts represents over 150 years of combined experience and a wealth of knowledge negotiating and renegotiating third-party payor contracts across every major specialty. We can assist you by structuring your facility’s contracts to maximize reimbursement based on the unique needs of your organization.

Our effective navigation of substantial changes in the healthcare system allows you to focus on what you do best – treat patients – while we work behind the scenes to create the reimbursement terms you need to create and sustain a viable entity.

Whether you are a hospital, physician/hospital joint venture or physician owned surgery center, our veteran experts and candid approach deliver measurable success in negotiating payor contracts nationwide. If you are seeking new contracts with payors, or desire improved reimbursement on existing contracts, Pinnacle III can help secure the terms and rates that position your facility for maximum success.


  • Improve reimbursement
  • Minimize administrative hassle
  • Decrease turnaround time
  • Increase shareholder distributions

Services Include:

  • Contract analysis
  • Rate benchmarking
  • Key payor and market analysis
  • Rate negotiations and renegotiations
  • Decoding and reviewing contract language
  • Managing relationships and key Information
  • Ensuring proper payment to contract terms
  • Contract implementation and Monitoring
  •  Payment compliance review
What to Expect:

With Pinnacle III, you can select from a variety of payor contracting services on both a bundled and unbundled basis – choosing the right approach for your identified needs. We individualize our flexible, innovative solutions to optimize every client’s revenue-earning potential.

Prosper greatly. Partner with Pinnacle III for your contracting needs and achieve the power of prosperity.