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“The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.”

This resource area not only offers links to important sites within the ASC community, but also gives you a better feel for some of the information we provide when speaking at conferences and trade shows throughout the United States. See our archive section to obtain articles that can help you make better decisions for your ASC or physician practice. As always, we encourage you to contact us to respond to your specific needs.  



2015 Articles

The following links are articles in which PINNACLE III has been featured.  Please feel free to contact us with further questions or inquiries.

137 ASC Women Leaders to Know
April 14, 2015
Congratulations to the members of PINNACLE III’s management team represented on this list.

Grow Your Mature ASC-5 Key Strategies
May 5, 2015
PINNACLE III’s President/CEO Robert Carrera outlines 5 key strategies to grow your mature ASC.

Slashing Supply Costs With Orthopedic Preference Items-7 Strategies
May 20, 2015
PINNACLE III’s Holly LeRoux and Jebby Mathew discuss strategies to manage orthopaedic supply costs.

132 ASC Administrators to Know
June 15, 2015
We truly appreciate the eight PINNACLE III Directors of Operations included on this list of distinguished administrators.

2014 Articles

ASC Payer Contract Negotiations: Key Concepts for Best Results
April 7, 2014
As reimbursements erode and renegotiations become more challenging, ASC administrators and physicians must be prepared to ensure the best results. PINNACLE III’s Dan Connolly outlines some tools to utilize in payor negotiations.

ASC Implant Carve-Outs: Opportunities, Challenges & 4 Best Practices
April 28, 2014
With higher acuity cases migrating to ASCs, implant carve-outs are a necessity to ensure reimbursement will cover the cost of care. PINNACLE III’s Dan Connolly offers his insight into negotiating with payors for higher acuity procedures and outlines some best practices.

Engaging Surgeons: A How-to Guide
April 30, 2014
Are the surgeons in your facility actively engaged? Do they consistently bring their cases to your facility? If not, Kelli McMahan, PINNACLE III’s Vice President of Operations, has some thoughts for you to consider.

5 Most Attractive ASC Specialities Through 2020
May 2, 2014
Is your facility ready to begin adding new specialty procedures? PINNACLE III’s Kelli McMahan and Dan Connolly discuss the necessary requirements for adding high acuity procedures including proper training for staff, appropriate equipment and payor contracts.

5 Core Concepts for ASCs Adding New Procedures
May 6, 2014
Before adding new procedures to your ASC are you performing proper due diligence? Have you considered adding total joints or spine procedures?

10 Areas of Focus for ASC Facility Reviews
May 21, 2014
Facility reviews offer investors, physicians and staff an objective assessment of ASC operations and provide guidance on areas of potential improvement. PINNACLE III’s management team discusses 10 of the clinical and operational components they focus on when conducting facility reviews to ensure ASCs are maximizing their potential.

10 Keys to Being a Great ASC Administrator
May 28, 2014

Best Tips on Negotiating with Payors: Administrators Speak Up
May 29, 2014
PINNACLE III’s Dan Connolly provides tips on negotiating with payors, outlines challenges administrators may encounter and suggests strategies for successful negotiations.

CEO New Year’s resolutions: 9 of the best ideas for ASCs in 2015
December 1, 2014
PINNACLE III’s President/CEO Robert Carrera shares his thoughts on strategic initiatives for ASCs to employ in 2015 to ensure facility prosperity.

Investing in your ASC’s future: How to appeal to the next generation of physicians
December 2, 2014
Many ASCs are facing the challenges of investor surgeons reaching or nearing retirement. As the surgeon demographic of your facility changes, it is important to ensure your ASC is cultivating and engaging younger surgeons. PINNACLE III’s President/CEO, Robert Carrera outlines strategies for engaging these younger surgeons.

500+ People to know in the ASC Industry
December 12, 2014
A number of PINNACLE III’s senior team members were nominated to Becker’s 500+ People to know in the ASC Industry list.

Article Archive

Our archive section contains articles that can help you make better decisions for your ASC or physician practice.

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