Is getting paid for your services too complicated?

Does getting paid for your services feel entirely too complicated? Quite simply, it is. From ever-changing reimbursement parameters to increasingly restrictive and complicated processes, healthcare reimbursement has become a frustrating and time-consuming system fraught with sweeping changes.  Count on the proven expertise of PINNACLE III to not only decipher, analyze, and fully comprehend terms third-party payors cite in their contracts, but also create reimbursement scenarios that actually address your business needs.

Our Payor Contracting Services include:

  • Key payor and market analysis
  • Rate benchmarking
  • Contract analysis
  • Rate negotiations and renegotiations
  • High acuity procedure carve-out negotiations

 The PINNACLE III Advantage:

  • Improved reimbursement
  • Potential addition of profitable procedures
  • Evidence-based negotiations
  • Significant experience with high-acuity procedure negotiations
  • Proven record of success
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